An Update…

November 12, 2007 — 4 Comments

Okay, here is the deal for all who are interested…

  • The original was completely wiped out by my ISP, and it looks like it won’t be coming back.
  • The MethoBlog is completely gone, and I will have to rebuild it from scratch.
  • I have moved my blog site (Only Wonder Understands) to be hosted at Hopefully, will propagate through the ether in the next two or three days and I can direct folks directly to this site.
  • It will be at least a week before The MethoBlog is operational again. One thing that folks will need to do is update their feeds so as to be able to receive the RSS again.
  • Obviously, folks will need to update their RSS feeds to this current site.

I was averaging about 1,000 to 1,500 unique visitors per day to each site, and that will drop off significantly as folks wander about to find us.

Yes, I am royally frustrated.



4 responses to An Update…


    That bites!!!!

    This sabotage must be the work of those folks from the PresbyBlog, or the BaptiBlog.


    Ok, I just got paranoid, went to my WordPress control panel and backed up everything to my hard drive. Note to self: do that more often.


    If you need help with anything, I can do PHP programming and the like.


    I just checked, and I have the text from your posts going back to October 18 in my Google Reader. I assume that others have history that goes back much further. What I have doesn’t include comments, but it seems that, as a community, we can probably restore most, if not all, of your history of posts.

    Let us know how we can help!

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