Update From Percy Priest

June 27, 2009 — 6 Comments

I sent out a twitter message a while back asking for prayers for a situation at a birthday party Grace was attending out at the Anderson Rd. Recreation Area at Percy Priest.

One of the children in attendance (a teenager around age 16) named Ernest got in trouble swimming and went under. There were several other kids close by who tried to hold onto him and pull him back up, but they were unable to do so, and given the time frame, all indications are that he has drowned.

This is a horrible event which will have consequences in the lives of all in attendance and the family of the young man who has apparently lost his life. I ask for your prayers for all.

This is the second time someone in our family has been directly touched by a drowning. My wife Kay (who is currently on the scene offering support to the mother who was throwing the party) experienced a counselor that she was supervising in a summer daycamp program drowning in an area lake. This is hitting very close to home for her, and she could use your prayers as well.

Life seems eternal when you are 15 or 16, and no one ever imagines at that age that something like this could happen. The girl for whom the party was being given had known Ernest since they were in third grade and they came together to celebrate her sweet sixteen with all the hope and joy in the world. The reality of life and death have come crashing around them, and all of us who hold our children tightly knowing that at any moment, we could be the ones receiving the phone call. There is no way to make any sense of this, or find any redemption in the midst of the pain. All we can do is sit by the waters of Babylon and weep.



6 responses to Update From Percy Priest


    My prayers for you, for Kay, for Grace, for the mom and especially for Ernest. May God grant you all the strength you will need for the coming hours and may God pour his spirit of comfort upon you.


    Oh, Jay… praying here, too, for everyone connected with this tragedy.


    and here as well.


    I’m So sorry to hear that! Me and my family went out there swimming just last weekend. I can’t believe that happen! Yea it makes you look at life different when you really lose someone! And sad enough most of it is not happy thoughts but regret that you should have done this or done that with someone. Again I am so sorry. We was going to go there Saturday but I’m glad we didn’t because I would have flipped out and breaking down crying. Losing a child that young period is very hurt breaking! My prayers go out to the family! God Bless

    Phil Dillingham June 28, 2009 at 5:16 am

    Hey, Jay,
    This is Phil Dillingham in Thailand. One of my church members forwarded this to me. I will be praying for all involved. See you soon, Phil


    We’ll be praying. Let us know if there is more we can do. Do you know if Ernest’s family has a church home?

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