Due to some issues with our hosting provider, we have had to change the location of the MethoBlog. You may now find the MethoBlog at



8 responses to Methoblog


    Back before the great methoblog crash of 2007, I was part of the methoblogosphere. I can join again?


    Please check the Methoblog aggregator page; one of the blogs has been hijacked by a spammer, and the resulting junk is flooding the page. Thanks.


    Thanks for fixing the problem.


    There are now at least three Methoblogs (Jeff Lutz, Gavin Richardson, and Kimberly Dunnam Reisman) that are flooding the aggregator page; whenever something new is posted to these blogs, they seem to be resetting the date on all their old posts, so the aggregator reads those too. All three seem to be using WordPress, if that helps any. Please add this to the bug list.


      Lovely. Thanks for the info. jay


      David, I’m seeing the problem with Kim, but not Jeff and Gavin (in fact, I can’t find a post from Gavin or Jeff). I’m trying a couple of options to see what happens.



    There were some before, but I can’t find them either. If you look at the page now, you’ll see several from Gavin.


    The post at the top of the aggregator page is dated November 4, 2012. Please fix the date, so this post doesn’t sit at the top of the page for the next year.


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